Product Update: Smart Insights on Detected Anomalies

Over time, our customers have adopted and used our tool for detecting anomalies or discovering opportunities. We understand that the journey does not stop there. We still have to find the root cause of the incidents. To help our customers in their endeavor to investigate and reach closure, we now introduce Smart Insights on detected anomalies. 

Types of Anomalies

Anomaly detection carries a very subjective definition with respect to different industries or domains.

But on a broader level, we can define and identify various types of anomalies into the following categories: 

1. Point Anomalies

If data instance can be observed against other data instances as an anomaly, then it is considered as point anomaly.

2. Contextual Anomalies

Here, the data instance is anomalous in some predefined context.

3. Collective Anomalies

It designates a group of instances that exhibits similar anomalous behavior compared to other groups.

How can Smart Insights help?

Smart Insights will help the user to look at the related metrics which are impacted similarly and help with root cause analysis. 

Each insight is highly contextual and will have the following information:

– Anomaly type

  • Point anomaly
  • Continuous anomaly
  • Hierarchial Anomaly

– Other metrics which are affected

  • Cardinalities affected for each dimension or category

– The direction of the Anomaly

  • Missing Datapoints

For instance, from the given Smart Insights, we can conclude that there was a dip in revenue for 4 hours continuously and all the device types were affected but only for the Signed in users. This indicates that there were some login issues. 

Smart Insights
CrunchMetrics Smart Insights

Availability of Smart Insights

CrunchMetrics supports auto-generated insights out of the box. There is absolutely no additional configuration required to enable it. It will be available along with Metrics Search so that you can get context for each metric you are viewing.

By default, it can be viewed in the retractable sidebar which can be expanded to view all the details about the insights. All Insights can be downloaded in PDF format for sharing with stakeholders.

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