Anomaly detection can help e-commerce vendors identify new business opportunities.

Identifying anomalies in consumer behavior not only helps mitigate risks, but also opens up avenues for higher sales and better performance in e-commerce.

Price and Promotions

Our ability to monitor and detect anomalies on price of products as listed on the website enables the business teams to proactively identify and prevent revenue leakages.

Cart Abandonment

Proactively monitoring and detecting anomalies on shopping cart abandonment will help in better understanding the cause and prevent revenue loss.

Trend Prediction

Getting early visibility on emerging trends can help improve business performance along with delivering an increase in sales and margins.

Budget Deviation

Our ability to monitor and detect anomalies on Profit & Loss (P&L) KPIs will enable a better understanding of the performance factors and take corrective actions simultaneously. This will ensure that the teams can achieve the targeted P&L.

Stock Management

Our ability to monitor and detect anomalies on demand changes for rare items can significantly improve their availability and thus positively impact the customer experience.

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