Big data brings big challenges. How are you dealing with them?


Blind spots in business

Huge volumes of data often creates business blind spots, preventing you from identifying and acting on hidden trends.

Delayed alerts

Delayed alerts

Traditional alerting mechanisms wait till a threshold is reached before alerting the business, increasing their impact.

Inaccurate forecasting

Inaccurate forecasting

Errors in forecasting can catch businesses unawares, leaving them with sizeable losses, both monetary and otherwise.

Missed opportunities

Missed opportunities

Inability to derive relevant and timely insights from your data can lead to missed opportunities that could have otherwise been capitalized on.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

CrunchMetrics is an advanced anomaly detection system, that leverages the combined power of statistical methods and AI-ML based techniques to sift through your data to identify incidents that are business critical in nature.

Know the unknown

Identify anomalies that are hard to detect

Discover opportunities

Figure out newer areas to stay profitable

Focus on trends

Act on business-critical issues. Fast


With a scalable SaaS platform


Anomaly Detection

  • Automated, Real-Time Detection
  • Powered by AI, ML
  • Self-Learning Algorithms
  • Seamless Integration
  • Flexible Output Channels
  • Vertical Agnostic Solutions

Telecom Anomaly Detection

Use anomaly detection to stay competitive despite decreasing margins and increasing cost pressures in the telecom industry.

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Retail Anomaly Detection

Make the most of the abundantly available data in retail and e-commmerce with advanced anomaly detection.

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Fintech Anomaly Detection

The stakes are huge in FinTech, and the detection and response to anomalies carry more weightage than perhaps any other industry.

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Identify Anomalies

Don’t settle for threshold based alerts to gauge the health of your business. Instead, look at AI driven contextual anomalies to help you stay alert about hidden trends in your data.


Mitigate Risks

Take actions before your business gets impacted. Identifying anomalies in near-real time is the key to minimize their impact on your business.



Discover Opportunities

Unlock possibilities with automated insight discovery powered by augmented analytics. Capitalize on hidden opportunities that can be uncovered from your data.



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What We've Said

AI – Powered Anomaly Detection System
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AI – Powered Anomaly Detection System

Representation of Anomalies
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Types and Representation of Anomalies

Proactive vs Reactive approach in Anomaly Detection
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Proactive vs Reactive approach in Anomaly Detection


CrunchMetrics' CMvariate module provides a multivariate approach for root cause analyses and alert post anomaly detection.

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Exceeding expectations when it comes to providing customer service can go a long or your business.

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Pricing glitches can either work in your business’ favour or work against it. It all depends on how you make it work for you.

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All it takes is one abnormality to turn everything going right, wrong.

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