Hitchhiking also has a pattern

Recent discoveries from the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona revealed a tiny object orbiting around the Earth. According to the asteroid’s trajectory, it has been bound to the Earth’s gravitational pull for the past 3 years. Dubbed the 2020 CD3, this asteroid is a possible mini-moon that hitchhiked its way to Earth and is likely to be hurtled back in space. It is a major discovery for astronomers across the globe as this could open doorways to gaining knowledge about the undocumented asteroids in our solar system as well as help with the statistics of celestial bodies in our galaxy, and how their existence can impact us.

The mini-moon is a second abnormality of its kind that scientists have recorded evidence of. This discovery has been extremely vital for the future of astronomy and space sciences as it clears paths for specialists and experts to forage further into the subject.

Goes to show how much can slip through undetected, and how crucial it is for astronomers and scientists alike to be able to detect the anomaly in time because the consequences of the same can be severe. Timely detection of anomalies can allow them to have a solution at hand to help keep track of such abnormalities that may occur in the future.

Businesses also need to detect anomalies which can help them plug any leakages or may help them discover new opportunities so that they can equip themselves with strategy at hand to handle the situation better.

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