Finding Easter Eggs in your Data

One can’t know until informed later about the number of Easter eggs and the whereabouts of each one of them. There is a lot of effort from organizers to hide the eggs in the plain sight. Some of them might be easy to find and but some are really difficult to get. The key to good Egg hunt is knowing the normal well. The more you are aware of your surroundings the easier it gets to find what’s different and that might give you your Easter egg.

Similarly, in businesses with millions of metrics to monitor, there are hidden Easter Eggs which are waiting to be found in the form of Business Opportunities or Leakages. We call them Easter Eggs are they are hiding in plain sight inside the data which we are not able to notice.

CrunchMetrics, helps you find out all the abnormal behaviours in near real-time. It monitors metrics across all granularity and adapts to the data by learning the behaviour over time. It considers the Business-specific cyclical variations and does auto-tuning to reduce the false positives.

The result out of CrunchMetrics is actionable insights with probable root cause analysis which will help you to take actions/decisions faster. Just imagine that, with CrunchMetrics, you know the Location of Easter eggs as soon as it is placed, no matter how it is hidden.

Happy Easter!

Summon the power of Augmented Analytics to help you identify risks and business incidents in real-time.

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