CrunchMetrics receives business intelligence software certifications from esteemed business directory

Since its inception, CrunchMetrics has been passionate about helping companies maximize their data to get insights into their performance. This is why we are proud to receive two new certifications from FinancesOnline: the Premium Usability Award for 2019 and the Rising Star Award for 2019.

To get an idea about what is CrunchMetrics, the experts at FinancesOnline used advanced customer satisfaction algorithms as well as their industry expertise. From there they assessed its usability, flexibility, and value for money.

After an extensive data analytics tools research, the experts at FinancesOnline lauded Crunchmetrics’ AI- and ML-powered anomaly detection system that comes with self-learning algorithms and real-time data monitoring. According to them, this makes identifying discrepancies quicker and allows users to act on business-critical issues as they arise. They also commended it for being able to provide a more efficient way of discovering opportunities for managers and business owners.

Another notable feature that they were particularly impressed was its seamless integration with external business systems through web-services and APIs.

Read the full review on the FinancesOnline website to learn more about why we are one of the best data analysis software. Be sure to leave a review of your own to let us know how we can further improve our anomaly detection solutions!

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