Job Description

We are looking for an experienced architect with 7+ years of experience in building and running large scale, distributed, highly-available, applications in a SaaS environment. The ideal candidate should have exposure to microservice architecture, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Azure, and cloud stack. If you have a passion for developing products in a fast-paced, multi-disciplined environment, this role is for you.


  • Category :Engineering
  • Job Code :CME05
  • No. of openings :1

Key Responsibilities

  1. Implement cloud computing architecture solution that addresses cloud security and compliance fundamentals, deployment automation and elastic sizing of environments, and multi-tenant implications.
  2. Design and implement multi-tier architecture solution that is highly available, scalable, maintainable, monitored and fault-tolerant using Azure/AWS platform services
  3. Implement DevOps practices such as infrastructure as code, continuous integration, and automated deployment.
  4. Work as both an infrastructure and application development specialist.


Minimum Qualifications and Requirements

  1. 7+ years of hands-on experience in product development roles.
  2. Experience in the development of cloud-based multi-tenant SaaS products.
  3. Exposure to AWS, GCP, Azure cloud stack, and real-time analytics solution/product.
  4. Experience in a micro-services architecture, Docker, and Kubernetes.
  5. Familiarity with CI and CD using GIT, Jenkins, Ansible, JIRA, etc.
  6. Knowledge of performance tuning, scalability, resilience, HA, and DR
  7. In-depth knowledge of design, implementation, engineering, automation and DevOps implementation, service operation, and service improvement initiatives.
  8. Expertise in architecture concept of SOA, microservices, container services.
  9. Experience in designing and implementing serverless architectures, APIs, RESTful Web-services, and SOAP-based Web-services.
  10. Understanding of DevOps principles, tools, and the intersection with cloud architecture.
  11. Exposure of designing applications to process both batch and streaming data.
  12. Understanding of Python, Kafka, NodeJS, Angular, AWS, and server architecture.
  13. Familiarity with NoSQL databases like MongoDB, ElasticSearch
  14. Experience of infrastructure automation and building/using/deploying EC2, ECS, EKS- Containers.
  15. Familiarity with AWS services such as EC2, S3, RDS, ELB, VPC, ElastiCache, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, AWS Route 53, CloudFront, SNS, IAM, Lambda Function, etc.
  16. Understanding of HA architecture (clustering, RAC, ADG, failover, etc.), and multi-cloud integration.
  17. Knowledge of Security as it relates to Cloud Environments including the Shared Security Model.


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