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The Urban Company story: Winning with AI

Artificial intelligence for customer experience


In this webinar we will cover:

  • About Urban Company – India’s largest home services company 
  • Decoding customer experience 
  • AIOps for monitoring complex platform metrics 
  • Leveraging AI for correlation and (RCA) Root Cause Analysis 
  • How to drive customer experience with AIOps 
  • Reducing alert fatigue 
  • Tips for implementing AIOps   

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    Rohit Maheshwari

    Head of Strategy and Products at CrunchMetrics

    Mohit Agrawal

    Director of Engineering at Urban Company

    About this webinar


    The success of an e-commerce marketplace depends on the customer experience it delivers. Downtime of any form, from slow-loading pages to major glitches, can cause serious loss and drive away potential users. Just a single negative experience can make a user 88% likely to never return to a website again. A customer-centric and data-driven approach can help companies drive brand experience and growth. A superior customer experience is one of the key drivers of growth for Urban Company – India’s largest technology-enabled home services platform.  

    To learn more about the AI-driven success story of Urban Company, we invited Mohit Agrawal, Director of Engineering at Urban Company in our latest webinar session, hosted by Rohit Maheshwari, our Head of Strategy and Products. Watch the webinar to know about the growth trajectory of Urban company and the best practices in AI-enabled data monitoring for improving business KPIs and application performance.