How to throw caution to the wind and avoid future mega blazes

Climate change has been a topic of debate for a long time. The horrific bushfires in Australia were a cause of years of ignorance towards the rising water levels and increase in temperatures around the world. They were the cause of series of anomalies that went undetected.

For years, environmentalists and scientists alike have been keeping track of the shifts in tectonic plates, weather changes, abnormal natural occurrences and more, that are but the signs of global warming.  Despite their continued efforts to get authorities on board to tackle climate change, their concerns are falling on deaf ears. And not detecting such anomalies has led to severe repercussions.

As the world witnessed in absolute shock, the Australian bushfires, although a natural phenomenon in the summers, took a turn for the worse when the blaze went out of control, spreading at an abnormal speed, destroying everything in its path.

Bushfires are inevitable, but the mega blaze was the consequence of an anomaly that, had it been detected in time, could have helped Australian authorities be prepared for what came next.

Just goes to show how important anomaly detection is when it comes to protecting your businesses from losses like the mega blaze. Although anomalies are unpredictable, it always helps to have a risk management plan in place and be prepared to tackle them with care to prevent outages that could be considered the worst case scenario.

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